Friday, 26 January 2018

9 - 12 months: don't blink

Blink and you will miss it. You will. The trajectory of development during these months is skyward and you'll doubtless be bursting with pride..... not to mention exhaustion and frustration and all manner of colliding emotions as the little human bursts onto the 'main stage'. There will be glimpses of their character in everything they do, explore and discover. You can almost see the nerve pathways shooting through their little grey matter. 

This 3 month period is likely to bring (to name but a few) .. walking, 'talking', giggling, dancing, tantrums, anxiety, curiosity and the signs of a proper personality. Be prepared to be exhausted once again. If it hasn't already been blown away - Leave the OCD at the door! Food will be thrown, drawers will be opened - nothing is safe.  

All I can prescribe for this amazing time is (as ever) an abundance of patience and lashings of energy.

GOOD LUCK!... and savour xxxx

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