Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hymns to hims

Dear boys and father of mankind,
I'll forgive your churlish ways,
If you reclothe when asked for once on time,
and poke me less as I pour my wine,
will shout less one of these days,
I will shout less one of these days...

Just eat your crusts without a word,
And eat that flaming pea,
The gracious cooking of your mum,
Makes you, like dad, a man become, 
Don't catapult it at me, 
don't catapult it at me..

Oh Sunday lie-ins, where are thee?
Oh peace of days gone by,
The suns not up, this is my plea,
A sticker, Pom bears and CBBC,
Lie quietly, go on try,
Lie quietly, go on try...

I did not cut the apple right,
Nor buy the mauve toy car,
I try my best and call me tight,
The purple one was half the price,
Cows go 'moo' not 'baa baa baa',
Cows go 'moo' not 'baa baa baa',

Sweet and thoughtful, I adore,
You urchins and you know,
Hence you're feral more and more,
And mighty tantrums you can throw,
Your tenacity, I implore,
Your tenacity, I implore.