Wednesday, 18 January 2017

3 months

Ahhh the sacrosanct '12 weeks' that everyone is wading towards with out-reaching arms, bead on brow. The first parental rite of passage. Everything settles at this stage doesn't it? 

Well it does and it doesn't. It mostly does start to get less fraut as the mystery of the wee one unravels, you become tuned to its nuances and it starts to really enjoy the world it has been propelled into. Sometimes we target this hallowed 3 month marker only to find the baby is still fussy or tricky or a non-sleeper or all 3 which (when everyone has been banging on about how much easier it is when they hit 12 weeks) can be demoralising.

No matter how many times I hear it (and there is a reason cliches are cliches) I still chose to muffle-out  the wording of the well  coined phrase 'it goes soooooo quickly', but here's the thing - it does!!!! Scant consolation when you're propping your eyelids open with teething rings or corks (Hic) but it's like some crazy warp. Then we all look back with rose tinted binoculars (it feels that far away) forgetting the relentless jigging, swaying, singing, sweating, groaning, chuntering and merely mutter with smug fervour the same 4 words. The nostalgia is palpable. Truly, truly, truly - despite how it feels at times, it goes sooooo quickly!

3 months, wow. Take stock on what you and the wee mite have acheived in such a small amount of time. Enjoy the smiles and giggles and innocence. There are more hurdles to come - a lifetime of them. As one challenge is conquered, another one is beset.