Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Do your homework people

I am learning to accept and embrace the fact that I am in a phase of my life that is entirely dominated by play doh, potties, CAD plans and carpenters. Lucky that I am, I genuinely struggle to gather a cohesive thought beyond this privileged middle class family idyll. Oh pooooooooor me. But the thing is, whilst I periodically tell myself it's enough for now, sometimes it is not - and here's the reason today.


Between the pampers, paw patrol, sinks and sisal - I have been desperately trying to sift through, cogitate, digest or even simply understand what is going on at the helm of Grand Bretagne... For several months now. Like many I imagine, the keen interest swelled during the buffoonish bus brigade before Brexit. The frenzied politicians, the play ground taunts, the gesticulations, the ambiguity. Quite honestly I didn't vote with much conviction (not that it matters now) because I found it so damned hard to work out what actually was right for the future of our country (children) and whose policies and campaigns had more gravity and less false-truths or blatant lies.

So here I am again, with (in all likelihood) another opportunity to vote for what I think is right and fretting at the prospect of yet another 'Grange Hill meets Britains Got Talent' competition between MPs. It's like a bizarre reality show watching Politicians contradict themselves, hurl abuse at each other, fabricate important stats to back their campaign and desperately canvas for popularity in a multitude of strange ways.... Ok perhaps some of that I gleaned from watching across the pond with morbid fascination at the Hillary/Trump-off. But to me politics has become much the same everywhere, perhaps it always has been. Cloak and daggers, (often less cloaks) hot air and lies. 

My plea is MPs - have some decorum. Don't lie. Prove me wrong and make it simple. Then us common folk will actually vote for what we think we are voting for.

In the meantime if anyone has 'Politics for Dummies' 2017 - that would be much appreciated. 

Oh - and do your homework.