Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Peace and Harmony in All the World (Peppa Pig 2004)

I am ironing (yes, and I just hoovered and made a lasagne but my Cath Kidston pinnie is in the washing machine - how twee) and I am tired because I actually had a social event last night Coupled with my usual 4 hour quota of broken sleep. But this post is not supposed to be amusing.

I am watching the BBC news on repeat and the coverage of the atrocities in London 10 years ago gives me an overwhelming sense of fear, sadness and helplessness for the future I am preparing my children for. This fear raises its ugly head periodically and I guess it is part of what makes us real. Terrorism is terrifying, it is something (almost) entirely beyond our control but with it is exposed the immense bravery and stoicism of those faced with the adversity, tragedy - havoc - it wreaks.

A juxtaposition of paralysed fear for the world the boys are growing up in versus an emboldened hope and drive to strive for unity, peace and togetherness. It is so incredibly encouraging and inspirational to see how people come together and push forward in the face of  disaster and I for one will do everything I can to ensure that my offspring are rounded, informed and peaceful individuals - as most of us are. 

I will do my best world.

Off my soapbox and back to the Philips Azure Precise 4340 and perhaps some Wimbledon.

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