Friday, 5 June 2015

Fruit bruises and spiders

Apparently I now love bruised, blackened fruit and spiders......

I don't want the boys to be difficult eaters (Hmm) so when H Bomb took his recent dislike of anything remotely 'DIRTTTYYY' (ever so slightly marked) - I took it upon myself to show him that 'it's perfectly ok - look mummy will eat it', in goes my 6th segment of bruised banana in 2 days. I have become far more diligent in assessing my fruit before purchase, especially after yesterday when I 'took one for the team' by chowing down on an unsuspecting (by myself and my prey) maggot in a slushy piece of pear. Amazingly I remained unflinched but I am beginning to think I will be the one with a disorder. Pears have been struck off my 5 a day menu. 

And spiders. I am not, or was not - a fan. Don't know why, I won't jump onto a chair screaming for their father (the boys not the spider - weird scenes of Aracnophobia spring to mind) to save me but I just don't like them that much. I want the boys to fear only strangers and bogeyman so have actively encouraged an appreciation of insects, spiders... I think I ONCE said about 3 weeks ago oh look 'a lovely little spider' and I seem to have spawn the next David Attenborough. On holiday in Greece Henry would demand that daddy took him outside at 7.30am  every day to 'look for spiders' and dear daddy who cherishes his boy-time kindly obliged. The fascination has not waned and along with singing 'Incy wincy spider' 15 times on repeat in his cot before passing out at night (actually very cute) he now demands I touch or pick up every one we see - I have come to realise we house many, especially in the downstairs loo regardless of the amount of times they 'must have gone outside to the water spout'/an early grave...... Spider lovers please don't hate me - I am actually growing fonder of them by the day.

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